OFK 04

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OFK.04 is an easily transportable mobile kitchen trailer capable of catering to 800 people at a time. OFK.04 is primarily designed for the preparation of asian food cooking, it can cook rice, fish, chicken, tempe, dofu or kurupuk. Compact and easy to transport, the ozti mobile field kitchen can be towed by any vehicle with a hitch assembly, and can be quickly and easily set up to provide a convenient and immediate catering solution where it is needed most, such as a warzone or disaster area. OFK.04 operates with diesel fuel or kerosene.

OFK.04 is ready for use almost instantly. Cooking can begin as soon as the kitchen is set in a proper place and position. Each cooking unit operates independently so different meals can be prepared at the same time. The following cooking methods are possible: cooking/boiling, stewing, steaming,frying and baking. OFK.04 is equipped with an electrical wire hoist to lift the strainer easily out of the boiling pan. The hoist itself works with an hand control unit and the rail system adapted to the kitchen is to move hoist and the strainer to the sides.
Ozti’s patented burner cooking systems can be fuelled by diesel or kerosene.the burners are odourless and quiet and, above all, efficient. OFK.04 incorporate four burners made from corrosion-proof materials. The burners’ heat levels can be adjusted from 15kw to 25 kw with a single control knob. The field kitchen is suitable for travel on roads as well as on unpaved paths over fields.it is specially designed for off-road or cross-country travel.

  • Standard Accessories: Air compressor, generator, water treatment system, working tables, solid fuel burner, 69 pcs. kitchen utensils, platform
  • Optional: Tent, cotton fat absorbing fleece, collapsible water tank
2 Tons Water Tank
Air Compressor
Liquid Fuel Burner
Solid Fuel Burner
Standard Accessories
Water Treatment
  • 2 × 190lt. Boiling Pan
  • 1 × 50lt. Frying Pan
  • 1 × 100lt. Frying Pan
  • 2 × 34lt. Hot Water Unit
  • 1 × 132lt. Oven ( 3 x GN 1/1 Tray)