OFK 05

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OFK.05 is an easily transportable mobile kitchen trailer capable of catering to 800 people at a time. OFK.05 is primarily designed for north african cuisine, it can cook maghrebien speciality “couscousse”. Compact and easy to transport, the ozti mobile field kitchen can be towed by any vehicle with a hitch assembly, and can be quickly and easily set up to provide a convenient and immediate catering solution where it is needed most, such as a warzone or disaster area. OFK.05 operates with diesel fuel or kerosene.

OFK.05 is ready for use almost instantly. Cooking can begin as soon as the kitchen is set in a proper place and position. Each cooking unit operates independently so different meals can be prepared at the same time. The following cooking methods are possible: cooking/boiling, stewing, steaming,frying and baking. Ofk.05 is equipped also with a couscous cooker.
Ozti’s patented burner cooking systems can be fuelled by diesel or kerosene.the burners are odourless and quiet and, above all, efficient. Ofk.05 incorporate four burners made from corrosion-proof materials. The burners’ heat levels can be adjusted from 15kw to 25 kw with a single control knob. The field kitchen is suitable for travel on roads as well as on unpaved paths over fields.it is specially designed for off-road or cross-country travel.

  • Standard accessories: air compressor, generator, water treatment system, working tables, solid fuel burner, 69 pcs. kitchen utensils, platform, couscous strainer.
  • Optional: tent, cotton fat absorbing fleece, collapsible water tank.
2 Tons Water Tank
Air Compressor
Liquid Fuel Burner
Solid Fuel Burner
Standard Accessories
Water Treatment
  • 1 × 190lt. Boiling Pan
  • 1 × 100lt. Boiling Pan For Couscous
  • 2 × 50lt. Frying Pan
  • 2 × 34lt. Hot Water Unit
  • 2 × 132lt. Oven ( 3 x GN 1/1 Tray)