Mobile Laundry

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Mobile Field Laundry is a contemporary solution consists of a complete laundry system on a trailer.

Mobile Field Laundry is designed to meet the hynienic clothing needs of the modern armed forces, civil defense organizations and disaster relief groups during the field operations. 

The laundry equipments are heavy duty and specially engineered for field conditions.

The unit is autonomous with its diesel generator set and diesel water&air heating system. It allows to wash and dry 40kg of laundry per hour.

This unit is mounted on an off road chassis/axle. It can be towed by any military tactical lorry and transported by aircraft.

Extra washer extractor and tumble dryer are mainly designed to perform the most demanding washing tasks in the field. Inner / outer drum and parts  coming into contact  with chemicals are constituted from 304 / quality stainless steel. In the extractor, 5 electrically  controlled chemical in take  compartments allowing powder or liquid chemicals are provided standard. High speed extraction force of 300 G ensures the savings from drying time. Aluminium  alloyed main pulley helps the drive system  by reducing  the loads  come onto the motor. Newly introduced control system includes 50 reprogrammable cycles where 13 of them are already programmed. All automatic steps can be interrupted and controlled manually. Main problem with the washer extractors is, homogenous  wetting of loundry  and chemical  distribution during water intake. As most of the machines start rotating in the same time with water intake process. This ensures homogenaus distribution of water and chemical which provides best washing result. New balance weight system comprised from st 37 steel, serves for a long time as it does not crack or break like concrete balance weight system.

Washing Machine  (40 kg / h)
Tumble Dryer  (40 kg / h)
Water & Air Heating System With Diesel Burners
Power Generator
Working Platform