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Mobile Water Purification system produce drinking water from almost any creek, pond, lake or sea water. The system is based on the reverse osmosis technology and it removes dust, heavy metals, organics and bacteriologic pollution without requiring toxic chemical treatment.

OZTI Mobile Water Purification system is quickly and easily depolyed anywhere in the world and starts operation in a very short time.

The system is complete with trailer, submersible type pump, pre-filtration RO unit, clean water tank and power generator.

Permeate water quality and all equipments are controlled by PLC.

Process Flow:

Raw water pump: Makes water intake from water source.

Pre-filtration: Removes large particuleate matter prior to RO treatment thus protects the membranes.

Reverse Osmosis (RO): The reverse osmosis technology which is based on the process which has been introduced worldwide is the essential part of the water purification system. In the RO membranes organic compounds, salts and bacteria/viruses are almost completely removed.

UV disinfiction: Provides additional safety and destroy all virus and bacteria.

Post Chlorination: Prevents the growth of bacteria.

Raw Water Pump